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Resell Spartoo products

Do you have a shop that sells shoes, clothes or fashion accessories and want to sell Spartoo products?

With the Btoostore project, it is now possible to buy Spartoo products for resale to your own customers. The entire Spartoo catalogue is available, whether you are buying a single product or a thousands at a time.
Create an account on or request more information by writing to and you can:

1 Work with one of the most important players in European fashion
2 Buy products without engagement or minimum purchase
3 Start working with us within 48h

What are the benefits of a partnership with Spartoo?

1 High availability of brands and models
2 Access to a platform of references to manage your purchases online
3 Free delivery within 4 days
4 Possibility of ordering a simple replenishment by size or test a new brand
5 Monthly invoice

Write to us at providing: your full name, store name (if already open), VAT number, address, type of desired products, phone number.

Spartoo reserves the right to accept or reject the applications received. Sending information to Spartoo does not represent any commitment between the applicant and Spartoo.

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