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 What's the story behind the Crocs brand?

Crocs Inc., an American footwear manufacturing company, was established in 2002 by Quebec-based chemical engineers Marie-Claude de Billy and Andrew Reddyhoff. These shoes, crafted from ethylene vinyl acetate foam, were initially designed for beach or boating wear. In 2003, the inventors opted to sell their innovative creation to American investors after encountering potential buyers at a Colorado trade fair.

Following a challenging financial period in 2013, Blackstone attempted a takeover of the brand. Crocs footwear has since seen tremendous success beyond its initial purpose and is now a popular choice for a variety of everyday activities. The vibrant colours and simple designs of the models have especially appealed to children.

Crocs has also embarked on several collaborations with renowned artists, such as Justin Bieber, Balenciaga, and has partnered with Post Malone on five occasions. In December 2021, Crocs announced its acquisition of Heydude, an Italian casual footwear company, for a whopping $2.5 billion. In August 2018, the company revealed its decision to outsource production and shut down its last factory in Italy (located in Maserà di Padova), following the closure of another in Mexico.

 Why opt for Crocs footwear?

Footwear from the Crocs brand is celebrated for its exceptional comfort and feather-light weight. The unique aspect of these shoes lies in the employment of a distinctive resin known as Croslite, which bestows upon the shoes their singular charm. This resin foam adapts to the contour of your foot, delivering a flawless fit that feels akin to a custom-made insole.

Furthermore, Crocs footwear is the perfect choice for individuals who spend a significant amount of time standing, as the Croslite foam offers superior cushioning that absorbs shocks effectively. These shoes are also engineered to dispel sweat and prevent the build-up of moisture, thereby guaranteeing optimal hygiene.

In the final analysis, opting for Crocs signifies selecting a shoe that amalgamates comfort, lightness, and hygiene. Whether you're in pursuit of a pair of shoes for professional use or leisure activities, Crocs has the ideal pair for you.

 What are the key models of Crocs shoes?

Crocs offers an extensive selection of footwear, ranging from clogs to sandals, all celebrated for their unparalleled comfort.

The Classic model is a staple in the Crocs collection, providing unmatched comfort and a spectrum of appealing colours.

The Crocband model is sport-inspired, featuring a unique coloured stripe on the sole and the same iconic comfort as the Classic model.

Introducing a revolution in footwear, the Literide model merges advanced foam technology with a lightweight design for an extraordinary walking experience.

The Crush Clog model is a modernised take on the traditional Crocs clogs, offering a daring style without sacrificing comfort.

No matter which model you opt for, you can rely on Crocs to deliver superior quality shoes that will ensure your comfort throughout the day.

 Styling Crocs Shoes: What to Wear

Be it at the beach, in the city, or lounging at home, Crocs are the epitome of versatility. Here are some outfit inspirations to make them shine.

  • For a laid-back beach day: team your navy blue Crocs with denim shorts and a crisp white T-shirt.
  • For a chic urban ensemble: pair your black Crocs with sleek black skinny jeans and a cosy grey oversized jumper.
  • For a stylish, comfy home outfit: don your pink Crocs with soft grey joggers and a snug white hoodie.

 How to Clean and Maintain Crocs Shoes?

To maximise the lifespan and durability of your Crocs, it's crucial to clean them correctly. Here are some straightforward steps to keep your Crocs in pristine condition.

  • Immerse your Crocs in tepid water, steering clear of hot water that could harm the Croslite material.
  • Employ a gentle soap and a sponge to delicately cleanse the surface of the shoes, both internally and externally.
  • Rinse meticulously to eradicate any soap remnants and allow your Crocs to dry naturally in the air.

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