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 How will you know if Adidas is original?

Look carefully at the box. All the letters must be the same size and without mistakes. The serial number on the box must match the number on the strap. The logo on real Adidas items is printed, whereas on fake products it is often glued or drawn on. Also, look out for the lace holes. Most real models have simple holes, while fakes often have eyelets. In this case, check the official website.

How can you tell if an adidas shoe is original?

  1. Serial Number: The serial numbers on the left and right trainers must be different. If they are the same, then the trainers are imitations.
  2. Adidas Logo: A fake pair has logos-stickers , while the branded logo is carved on the strip.
  3. Stitch:The stitch finish of the originals are high-quality with neat,& smooth seams , not like the fakes they are poor quality with the unfinished and imperfect seams.
  4. Laces and Eyelets: The quality of the material of eyelets for laces. Only old models of Adidas could have metal eyelets .All new models, without an exception, don’t have metal eyelets.

How can you recognise a fake Adidas football shirt?

A large number of fraudulent brands have specialised in developing imitation sports brands such as Adidas, Puma and Nike. In order not to be fooled, here is a list of tips that should put you on your guard:

  • The colour is different from the official jersey
  • The fabric is of poor quality
  • The seams are badly made
  • Check the quality of the flocking
  • An abnormally low price
  • Compare the desired jersey with an official photo

 Different products from adidas

On Spartoo , you can find all the products you desire from Adidas including the latest collections : Shoes, Clothing, Bags adidas For Women For Men For children

 How to size your adidas shoes for men & women

On Spartoo , you can find all the products you desire from Adidas including the latest collections : Shoes, Clothing, Bags adidas For Women For Men For children

How to size your adidas shoes for men & women

Follow spartoo’s guide so you exact your exact size: 67.5
UK Europe US-Men US-Women
3.5 36 4 5
4.5 37 ⅓ 5 6
5 38 5.5 6.5
39 ⅓ 6.5 7.5
6.5 40 7 8
7 40 ⅔ 7.5 8.5
41 ⅓ 8 9
8 42 8.5 9.5
9 43 ⅓ 9.5 10.5
9.5 44 10 11
45 ⅓ 11 12
11 46 11.5 12.5

Comparaison size nike vs adidas

The best way is to follow your size in cm,or grab a pair of shoes you already own now and locate the sizing information tag. Your centimeter sizing should be there.

The shoes are not the same even though the size might be identical . Every shoes is different so Nike & Adidas doesn’t fit the same

Narrow shoes

You can buy your Adidas true to size. Whereas, Nike shoes run a half size smaller. Therefore, you should get a size up when buying Nike shoes.

Wide Feet

Adidas have a natural wide form , which give a room to roam , so they are comfortable for people with wider feet than the normal person.Nike in the other side doesn't accomodate wider feet , therefore, they offer a range of shoes that can fit people with wider feet like Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, the Nike Air Zoom Structure

New sneakers to get from Adidas

Where to buy second hand Adidas?

Buy your Adidas items up to 80% cheaper on Spartoo Newlife.

Spartoo, in addition to offering you new items, allows you to find second-hand products. Both more economical and more ecological, second hand is also the only way to find vintage items that are no longer produced.

To buy your Adidas or any other second-hand item, nothing could be easier:

  • to the product's Spartoo page
  • Check the "Second hand" filter (at the bottom of the filters)

Where to sell your Adidas items?

You don't wear your Adidas clothes or shoes anymore? You can sell them on Spartoo Newlife.

  • Go to your Spartoo customer account or create one
  • Then go to the "my seller account" section

 Why are Adidas logos different?

The different logos stand for the diversity Adidas is offering , so the first logo “three-striped” transformed into the “trefoil”.

The stripes on the trefoil emblem symbolize the company's focus on variety, while the three trefoil leaves stand for three parts of the world (North America, Europe, and Asia) where you can buy its products. The mountain-shaped logo conveys the idea of overcoming challenges and pursuing your goals no matter what.

 How to clean your Adidas trainers according to its material?

Give your trainers a new lease on life by following our cleaning tips.


  1. Dust your trainers with a brush or cloth
  2. Take a cotton pad soaked in alcohol-free make-up remover and rub the whole of your shoes
  3. Wipe with a clean cloth and leave your trainers to dry


  1. Brush your shoes with a crepe brush
  2. Soak the brush in a mixture of ⅔ of warm water, 1 drop of detergent and ⅓ of white vinegar.
  3. Then rinse this mixture off the shoe with a wrung-out sponge.
  4. Finally, wipe your trainers with a clean cloth.


For maintenance, use a sponge with white vinegar diluted in water and rub it into the dirt on your shoes. You can also mix a little baking soda with water, lather and rinse with a clean cloth.

 What are the different adidas technologies ?

  • 3D Fabric : A fabric with a three-dimensional structure that allows air to circulate close to the skin, thus preventing the accumulation of heat and perspiration. Optimal comfort in competition and training.
  • A.D.S(Adidas Drainage System): Used primarily in Adventure footwear, a.D.S. is a patented system integrated into the midsole of the shoes. The perforation of the midsole ensures maximum water evacuation in wet weather.
  • : Midsole with independent moulded elements that absorb shock, guide and propel the foot throughout the stride
  • AdiFit:Removable insole integrated in the Baby and Cadet shoes to help parents and sellers choose the best size for the child's foot.
  • AdiPRENE : Shock-absorbing material placed under the heel for optimal protection of the foot during the attack phase.
  • AdiPRENE+: Elastic material, placed under the forefoot. Ensures a better energy restitution for a more efficient stride during the pushing phase.
  • adiSave: Support system placed on the inside of basketball shoes. It protects the athlete from ankle sprains.
  • adiTuff: Anti-abrasive material used on the upper of the shoe: in the toe area and/or on the lateral part of the forefoot. It strengthens the upper and protects it from excessive wear, thus increasing its lifespan.
  • adiWear: A non-marking rubber compound with excellent abrasion resistance qualities, this material increases the durability of the outsole.
  • Agion: Antibacterial upper lining. Prevents the formation of fungus and bad odours. Environmentally friendly and lasts as long as the shoe itself. Environmentally friendly and wear-free.
  • CLIMACOOL: 360° ventilation around the foot to ensure coolness and comfort for optimal performance.
  • Coutures-Flatlock: Flatlock seams for more comfort and less chafing.
  • E.F.R. :Engineer Forefoot Ride: A unique outsole construction used in running and walking shoes. Combines the comfort of expanded rubber with the durability of carbon rubber, for a better stride and more durability.
  • Ventilation slots:tilation slots in the middle of the foot for air circulation. Optimal ventilation in areas where perspiration accumulates.
  • FUSIONFRAME: Quick and easy interchangeable frame system that allows you to adjust the weight, stability, flexibility and even comfort of the shoe.

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