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Data Protection Policy

1The collecting of personal information

When creating your account and placing orders on the site (hereinafter referred to as the Site), SPARTOO collects personal data about you. The protection of your personal data is at the heart of SPARTOO concerns, which is committed to constantly improving its compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as with the Data Protection Act n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 (LIL).
The term "personal data" is defined by the CNIL as "any information relating to a natural person who may be identified, directly or indirectly".

2The manager of the personal data

Your personal data is collected only for determined, explicit and legitimate purposes to achieve one or more of the following :
The personal data collected on the Site are processed by :

SPARTOO SAS Société par Actions Simplifiée
Registered with the RCS of Grenoble under n° 489 895 821,
Whose registered office is located at 16 rue Henri Barbusse 38100 Grenoble(ci-après : SPARTOO)

SPARTOO has appointed a personal data protection officer (ci-après : DPO).

You can contact the DPO by :
- E-mail : à
- Postal mail : SPARTOO SAS - DPO -16 rue Henri Barbusse 38100 Grenoble

3Examples of categories of personal data collected

What personal information does SPARTOO collect about its customers ?

- Information you give us
We collect and store all the information you give us about your SPARTOO account. You may choose not to provide us with certain information, however, this may result in you not receiving some of our services.

- Information collected automatically
When you browse the site SPARTOO, we automatically collect certain information, including information about your use of and interaction with the content of the site SPARTOO. This collection takes place mainly via "cookies".

- Information from other sources Our marketing partnerships also allow us to collect personal data about you, subject to your express prior consent to such partners.

The processing of personal data concerns in particular:

- Identity ;
- The data relative to payment ;
- Family, economic or financial situation ;
- Navigation data ;
- Data relating to the follow-up of the commercial relationship: order history, after-sales service information, order details, delivery incidents, complaints, exchanges, comments;
- Data relating to the regulation of invoices ;
- The data necessary to carry out loyalty and marketing actions;
- Data relating to the organisation and processing of competitions and all promotional operations;
- As part of the fight against fraud: proof of identity or residence and a shortened copy of your bank card;
- Telephone recordings of your calls to customer service. (You have the possibility to refuse the recording during your call).

4Purposes of data collection

For what purposes does SPARTOO process my personal information?

SPARTOO processes personal data for the purposes of providing and improving its services and customer experience.

These purposes include :

- Orders, delivery of products
SPARTOO processes personal data primarily for the purposes of: processing orders, enabling delivery of products, making payments and communicating with customers regarding their orders, products, services and promotional offers.

- Personalizing your customer experience SPARTOO
We use your personal information to recommend products and services that may be of interest to you by identifying your preferences and customizing your experience SPARTOO.

- Compliance with our legal obligations.
In some cases, we have a legal obligation to collect and process your personal information.

- Enable optimised communication with our customers
- Fraud prevention
Some processing of personal data requires your consent for a specific purpose. Where you consent to the processing of your personal information for that specific purpose, you may withdraw that consent at any time and it will be terminated.

If you do not wish to receive the newsletter SPARTOO, you can unsubscribe from the tab my subscriptions in your account.

If you do not want us to use your personal information to display ads based on your interests, simply notify us in my cookies settings section.

If you wish to browse our websites anonymously, you can do so by logging out of your account and disabling cookies on your browser.

5Categories of recipients of personal data

The categories of recipients of your personal data are

- The Internal Services of SPARTOO SAS
Access to your personal data within the company SPARTOO SAS will be limited to categories of employees within the scope of their duties and according to the purpose of the processing of such data.

( The data we collect may be passed on to some of our subsidiaries and external service providers for the purposes of processing product orders, delivering products and processing payments. These third party service providers have access to the personal information needed to perform their services and are not permitted to use it for any other purpose and are required to comply with applicable data protection laws.

- Some personal data is transferred to a country outside the European Union. Where we transfer personal information to countries outside the European Economic Area, we ensure that the information is transferred in accordance with applicable data protection laws.
Example: a subcontracting agreement with a company domiciled in Madagascar which takes over part of SPARTOO's customer service activity; all the necessary measures and guarantees to secure such transfers have been taken.

- Your personal data may also be sent to public bodies, exclusively to meet legal obligations, to court officers, to legal agents and to bodies responsible for debt collection.

6The legal bases

A legal basis for a processing operation is defined as the legal basis for its implementation, which gives an organisation the right to process personal data. Les bases légales sont distinctes en fonction du type de traitement effectué :

- The contract: concerns the processing of all data necessary for the agreed contract.
- Consent: you choose to communicate your personal data by expressly giving your consent, which can be withdrawn at any time.
- Legitimate interest: the interest must meet the criteria of legitimacy, necessity, and not conflict with the rights and interests of the persons whose data are processed.
- Legal obligation: The processing of personal data results from a legal obligation.

7Set of implementations

Gestion des clients
Finalité du traitement Gestion de la relation commerciale, des commandes, de la livraison, du compte client.
Base légale du traitement Nécessaire à la conclusion et réalisation du contrat
Destinataires Services internes SPARTOO
Durée de conservation en base active 3 ans *

Gestion des prospects avec et sans compte SPARTOO
Finalité du traitement Constituer et gérer des fichiers de prospects, réaliser les opérations de prospection et de promotion des produits SPARTOO et partenaires.
Base légale du traitement Consentement
Destinataires Services internes SPARTOO
Durée de conservation en base active 3 ans *

Lutte contre la fraude
Finalité du traitement Fight Fight against fraud fraude
Données traitées Justificatifs demandés dans le cadre de la lutte contre la fraude
Base légale du traitement Intérêt légitime qui consiste à prévenir la fraude
Destinataire Services internes SPARTOO
Durée de conservation en base active 6 mois

Conservation des factures
Finalité du traitement Conservation des factures
Base légale du traitement Obligation légale
Destinataires Services internes SPARTOO
Durée de conservation en base intermédiaire 10 ans à partir de la date d’émission de la facture

Gestion des utilisateurs de New Life
Finalité du traitement Permettre l’intermédiation entre acheteurs et vendeurs particuliers d’articles d’occasion
Base légale du traitement Nécessaire à la conclusion et réalisation du Contrat
Destinataires Services internes SPARTOO
Durée de conservation en base active 3 ans*

Gestion des jeux concours
Finalité du traitement Participation aux jeux concours, gain de lots, collecte de données prospects
Base légale du traitement Nécessaire à la conclusion et réalisation du contrat, consentement
Destinataires Services internes SPARTOO
Prestataires commerciaux
Durée de conservation en base active 3 ans*

Gestion droits d’accès, rectification, opposition, effacement, limitation, portabilité
Finalité du traitement Permettre aux clients et prospects d’exercer leurs droits quant au traitement de leurs données personnelles
Base légale du traitement Obligation légale
Destinataires Services juridique
Durée de conservation en base en base intermédiaire : 5 ans*
en base active : 24 heures s’agissant des justificatifs d’identité communiqués dans le cadre de l’exercice du droit à portabilité

Conservation des données de paiement dans le cadre d’un paiement ponctuel (sous forme cryptée [B-crypt])
Finalité du traitement Paiement ponctuel
Base légale du traitement Nécessaire à la conclusion et réalisation du contrat, Obligation légale
Destinataires Services internes SPARTOO
Durée de conservation en base en base intermédiaire : 13 mois à compter de la validation du paiement (Article L.133-24 du code de commerce)
en base active : jusqu'à validation du paiement

Gestion des cookies
Finalité du traitement Envoi de publicités ciblées et établissement de statistiques
Base légale du traitement Consentement
Destinataires Services internes SPARTOO
Durée de conservation en base 13 mois post dépôt du cookie

* à compter de la dernière démarche active : clic sur un lien hypertexte, commande sur le Site, connexion au compte client, visite du Site.

8The duration of the retention of personal data

How long do we keep your personal information?
We retain your personal information for as long as is necessary for the fulfilment of the relevant purposes and for the fulfilment of legal obligations such as tax or accounting obligations, or for such other period as may be notified to you.

For the same processing, personal data undergo several storage phases. Depending on the type of processing and its purpose, the retention periods differ.
- The first phase of retention is the storage in an active database. Retention depends on the achievement of the purpose of the processing that justifies its collection. The data are accessible to the operational departments in charge of the processing.
- The second phase is intermediate archiving. The data collected are no longer used to achieve the purpose for which they were collected, but they are still of administrative interest, and authorised by law, such as the management of a dispute or an unpaid bill, or their retention is authorised or required by law. Intermediate archiving is carried out within the limits of the applicable prescription periods, or in accordance with the legal obligations of conservation. Access to this data will be restricted to a list of duly authorized by Spartoo SPARTOO employees.
- After this intermediate archiving phase, your data will be anonymised.

In order to determine the duration of the retention of your data, it is necessary to define the starting point. In accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL, this starting point is defined by the last positive action of the customer or prospect which implies a real approach showing an interest in SPARTOO; for example :
- clicking on a hyperlink,
- an order,
- logging into the customer account
- the site visit.


The company SPARTOO takes all necessary precautions to protect the security of your personal data.
We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in connection with the collection, storage and disclosure of customer personal information. These measures may include requesting proof of your identity in connection with a request for portability of your personal data.

SPARTOO encrypts, pseudonymises and anonymises personal data and implements a binding password management policy.

The companySPARTOO uses a data breach register in accordance with Articles 33 and 34 of the RGPD and undertakes to prevent data breaches, to react appropriately, and to notify breaches to the CNIL and to data subjects in strict compliance with the deadlines established by the RGPD.

SPARTOO also reminds you of the importance of protecting yourself against unauthorised access to your customer account and the confidentiality of your password.also reminds you of the importance of protecting yourself against unauthorised access to your customer account and the confidentiality of your password.


To enable our systems to recognize your browser or device and provide you with the services ofSPARTOO we use "cookies".

These "cookies" are set to better serve you.
We measure the number of pages viewed, the number of visits, and the activity of visitors to the Site and the frequency with which they return. We use "cookie" technology to do this. A cookie does not allow us to identify you. In general, it records information relating to your computer's browsing on our site (the pages you consulted, the date and time of the consultation, etc.) which we can read during your subsequent visits.

The data collected by the cookies are only and strictly intended for internal use and are never transmitted to third parties. The use of cookies, whether they are our own or third-party cookies, is not necessary for the operation of the site and requires your express consent.

You can give your consent or object to the use of cookies by making the appropriate settings in your browser. Please refer to your browser's user guides.

Some cookies called "advertising cookies" allow us to track your browsing and record the products you have seen, and then within a maximum of 90 days to present you with advertising banners that may or may not be related to your past browsing. These cookies are linked to your internet profile (but do not identify you). They also require your express consent in the same way as above. If you do not wish to receive these "advertising cookies", click on the link below:

Disable advertising cookies on my profile

*At the same time, we are in the process of updating our Privacy Policy with respect to cookies and trackers.

11Right to access and rectification

In accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679, you have many rights, namely:

- The right to access, modify, rectify and delete information about yourself.
- The right to request the portability of this information.
- The possibility to object to the processing of your personal information or to request to restrict the processing of your personal information in certain cases.

You can send your requests to:
- by e-mail: at
- by post: SAS – DPO - 16 rue Henri Barbusse 38 100 Grenoble

12Right to file a claim with the relevant authority

You also have the right to file a claim with the CNIL:

13Changes to the personal data protection policy

This privacy policy is subject to change, particularly in accordance with changes in legislation and regulations.

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