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Chabrand Bags

Bags especially for professionals

Chabrand bags was founded in Marseille at the beginning of the 20th century. Initially they were briefcases made for professionals: naissent à Marseille au début du XXème siècle. Ce sont d'abord des mallettes destinées aux professionnels : medecine bags, notary bags or lawyer's briefcases, meeting the needs of professionals for a functional and elegant bag. The Chabrand leather bag is one of the most popular among the elite Marseillais.

A perfect combination of elegance and practicality

Little by little, Chabrand leather bags have reached beyone the professional sphere, and all of Marseille swears by the canvas bags and leather bags by Charbrand that have great style and durability. Chabrand still has women's handbags and men's satchels that they made in the beginning at a shop on the Prado, where we can find many Marseillais shopping.

Sleek and solid are the key words

On Spartoo UK, Chabrand offers a large choice of leather and canvas bags. Whether you are looking for a men's shoulder bag or a black pouch, you'll certainly find timeless items of quality that you'll wear for years; Do you like Chabrand? Browse our page of Hexagona for more great bags.

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