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 What's the story behind the Veja brand?

Veja, a French manufacturer and brand, is renowned for its eco-friendly, fair-trade trainers. The brand was conceived in 2004 by François-Ghislain Morillion and Sébastien Kopp, two HEC students who met in New York. Their vision was to create a footwear brand that was both ethical and environmentally conscious, and this vision came to fruition in 2005 with the official launch at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Veja has seen remarkable growth since its inception, with sales reaching 550,000 pairs globally in 2017. Their inaugural collection of vegetable-tanned leather trainers was introduced in 2006, followed by a children's range in 2008. Veja has also collaborated with a host of prestigious brands, including Agnès b., Bonpoint, Lily Cole, Madewell, and Rick Owens.

Veja takes pride in its dedication to environmental sustainability and fair trade. The shoes are produced in Brazil, in close proximity to the source of the raw materials, to minimise the carbon footprint. The trainers are crafted from recycled polyester and natural rubber. In 2020, Veja launched a dedicated store for the repair, renovation, and recycling of worn-out shoes.

Veja operates without advertising or sponsorship, directing its resources exclusively towards the production process, thereby underscoring its commitment to quality and integrity. Veja is not just a footwear brand, it represents a vision of environmentally respectful and fair trade.

 Why opt for Veja footwear?

Renowned for its dedication to ethical and sustainable fashion, Veja is a brand that seamlessly blends style with social responsibility. Veja footwear is crafted from environmentally friendly and recycled materials, underscoring their commitment to environmental preservation.

Each pair of Veja trainers stands as a beacon of ethical fashion, while also being a product of exceptional quality. These shoes are not only comfortable, but they are also robust and built to last. They epitomise a fashion ethos that prizes sustainability without sacrificing style.

By choosing Veja, you're not merely selecting a pair of shoes, you're joining a movement towards fashion that respects the environment and human rights. You're making a meaningful choice that positively impacts the world.

So, if you're in search of footwear that is both fashionable and ethical, Veja is the brand for you. It's time to adopt fashion that truly matters, it's time to choose Veja.

 What are the key models of Veja shoes?

The sustainable footwear brand, Veja, boasts several iconic models such as the V-10, Campo, V-12 and Esplar.

The V-10 model is a staple in the world of eco-fashion, combining a retro aesthetic with an environmentally conscious ethos. Crafted from sustainable materials, it's as fashionable as it is eco-friendly.

Known for its chic, minimalist design, the Campo features supple leather and a rubber sole sourced from the Amazon, making it both comfortable and long-lasting.

The V-12 model is a brand icon, constructed from organic cotton and wild rubber. Its adaptable style complements any outfit and suits every occasion.

Lastly, the Esplar is a pair of sleekly designed trainers, named in honour of a Brazilian NGO that Veja supports. These trainers are designed for comfort and durability, featuring a leather upper and a wild rubber sole.

Choosing Veja is choosing responsible fashion without sacrificing style or comfort.

 Styling Veja Shoes: What to Wear

Veja shoes are the perfect blend of fashion and ethics. They complement every ensemble and suit all occasions. Here are some style suggestions:

  • For a laid-back look, team your white Veja trainers with distressed boyfriend jeans and a simple white tee.
  • Seeking a chic, minimalist style? Choose a black midi dress paired with your black and white Veja V-10s.
  • For a sophisticated evening attire, select an elegant black jumpsuit to go with your white Veja Campo.
  • Lastly, for a sporty vibe, nothing tops a grey tracksuit paired with your Veja Condor trainers.

 How to Clean and Maintain Veja Shoes?

Your Veja footwear requires top-notch care to maintain their chic appearance and comfort. Here are some steps for their upkeep:

  • Begin by brushing off the dirt using a soft, dry toothbrush.
  • Make a solution of warm water and gentle soap.
  • Carefully clean the surface with a cloth drenched in the solution.
  • Wipe off with a moist cloth to get rid of any soap remnants.
  • Allow to air dry, keeping them away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.

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