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 Exploring the History of the UGG Brand

UGG, an American brand known for its footwear and apparel, is particularly famous for its signature sheepskin boots. The creation of this iconic boot can be traced back to 1971, when it was invented by Australian surfer Shane Stedman as a means to warm his feet post-surfing. Stedman went on to register the UGG trademark in 1982.

The UGG Australia brand was launched in the United States in 1978 by another Australian surfer, Brian Smith, who began selling these boots. In 1995, the brand was acquired by the American company, Deckers Outdoor Corp.

UGG boots became a cultural fashion sensation in the early 2000s, largely due to endorsements from the renowned American television presenter, Oprah Winfrey, who frequently included UGG boots in her list of "favourite things".

UGG is now a registered trademark in more than 145 countries worldwide, including the USA, Europe, and China. Regrettably, the brand has been a victim of counterfeiting, predominantly from China. The authenticity of UGG products can be verified by a rectangular label that displays the brand's stylised logo, typically attached to the boot's heel.

 Why opt for UGG footwear?

If you're in pursuit of both comfort and elegance, UGG footwear is the perfect choice for you. Originally crafted to keep the feet of Australian surfers warm, these shoes have now become a symbol of global fashion. They stand out with their unique design and sheepskin wool insoles, providing unparalleled comfort.

UGG is a brand celebrated for its outstanding craftsmanship and superior quality. Each pair of shoes is meticulously crafted, ensuring remarkable durability and comfort. Whether you opt for the timeless boots or the fashionable sandals, you can rest assured that you're investing in a high-quality product.

Choosing UGG footwear also signifies supporting a brand that is dedicated to animal welfare. UGG exclusively uses sheep's wool sourced responsibly, ensuring the well-being of animals.

In essence, opting for UGG signifies choosing comfort, quality, and style. So why wait? Indulge in a pair of UGGs and experience the epitome of comfort.

 What are the key UGG footwear styles?

UGG, a brand celebrated for its unparalleled comfort and a design that effortlessly blends chic and casual, presents a range of styles to cater to all tastes and seasons.

The Classic style is the most emblematic of the brand. Its wool lining and robust sole provide warmth and comfort, whether you're hitting the town or enjoying a day at home.

The Tasman is another sought-after style, celebrated for its adaptability. It can be sported as a slipper or an outdoor shoe, courtesy of its durable rubber sole and cosy lining.

For a dash of whimsy, the Goldenglow style is an ideal pick. It marries the comfort of UGG wool with a dazzling sequined design.

Lastly, the Classic Mini is a more compact version of the Classic style. It delivers the same comfort and warmth in a more compact package, perfect for milder days or for adding a casual style twist.

 Styling UGG Shoes: What to Wear

UGG shoes, the epitome of comfort and laid-back style, can be teamed up with a wide array of outfits. Here are some style suggestions to spark your creativity:

  • Combine classic UGGs with skinny jeans and a thick knit jumper for a snug winter ensemble;
  • Don mini UGGs with a flowing maxi dress and a knitted cardigan for a bohemian vibe;
  • UGG Bailey Bow, paired with distressed boyfriend jeans and a crisp white t-shirt, creates a relaxed yet stylish look;
  • For a polished, sophisticated outfit, try Kristin UGGs with sleek black leather trousers and a structured blazer.

 How to Clean and Maintain UGG Shoes?

UGG is a brand celebrated for its superior quality sheepskin footwear. To preserve their plushness and comfort, appropriate upkeep is crucial. Here are some guidelines on how to clean and maintain them:

  • Refrain from placing them in the washing machine, as it could harm the sheepskin.
  • Hand wash them using a gentle sponge and a specialised sheepskin cleaning product.
  • Rinse them with cold water and allow them to air dry naturally, keeping them away from any direct heat sources.

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