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 What's the story behind the Jonak brand?

The Jonak journey commenced in 1964 in Paris, on rue Saint-Placide, when Marcel and Josette Nakam launched their inaugural shoe boutique. The brand name, Jonak, is a blend of their forenames and the Nakam surname. Following Marcel Nakam's passing, his son Joseph stepped in to carry on the brand's growth.

In the 1990s, the brand experienced considerable growth with the launch of approximately thirty retail outlets. In 2012, two of Joseph's four offspring, Marcel and Lisa, came on board the family enterprise, infusing the brand with a digital aspect.

Jonak collections are crafted by a creative team under the guidance of Joseph Nakam, with a special focus on lines, proportions and selection of materials. Jonak footwear is predominantly produced in Europe (Portugal, Spain and Italy) in factories renowned for their unique traditional artisanal skills.

 Why opt for Jonak shoes?

Jonak shoes are a genuine emblem of quality and style. Jonak offers an extensive selection of stylish and comfortable models, ranging from boots to pumps and loafers. It's the go-to brand for those seeking a sophisticated style without sacrificing comfort.

Jonak is celebrated for its meticulous attention to detail and dedication to using high-grade materials. This results in long-lasting shoes that withstand the test of time. Moreover, each pair of shoes is crafted with a keen focus on form and function, guaranteeing a flawless fit every time.

Choosing Jonak ensures you'll have shoes that are trendy, comfortable, and built to last. Investing in Jonak is a surefire addition to any wardrobe.

 What are the key Jonak shoe styles?

Jonak is a leading brand in the realm of women's shoes. It presents a broad variety of styles, blending elegance and comfort for every occasion.

The Brigand style is a staple of the brand. These leather ankle boots are ideal for autumn days. Their design, both simple and sophisticated, complements any outfit perfectly.

The Dhapop style is a chic and elegant sandal, perfect for summer evenings. With its smooth leather and wedge sole, it marries comfort with style.

Lastly, the Ridle style is a high-heeled boot, perfect for formal events. Its sleek silhouette and premium leather make it a preferred choice for every fashion-forward individual.

Jonak is a brand that expertly fuses style and comfort, providing a unique and enjoyable wearing experience.

 Styling Jonak Shoes: A Guide

Whether you're partial to timeless elegance or you're drawn to bold, adventurous styles, Jonak shoes cater to every fashion whim!

  • For a sophisticated and stylish ensemble, team black Jonak heels with a fitted dress and a leather handbag;
  • If you're after a relaxed vibe, opt for Jonak ankle boots paired with boyfriend jeans and an oversized sweater;
  • For a striking summer look, Jonak sandals teamed with a floral dress and a straw hat are sure to turn heads.

 How to Clean and Maintain Jonak Shoes?

Jonak shoes are celebrated for their superior quality and distinctive style. To extend their lifespan and preserve their aesthetic appeal, regular upkeep is crucial. Here are some guidelines on how to clean and maintain your Jonak shoes:

  • Employ a soft, dry cloth to eliminate dust and grime.
  • If your shoes are crafted from leather, apply a specialised leather cleaning solution.
  • Utilise a soft brush to clean areas that are difficult to access.
  • Allow the shoes to air dry, ensuring they are shielded from direct sunlight.

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