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In Italy, all things are made sublime by women; the art of living is their philosophy. Their sharp minds and delicate hands create beauty and make hearts flutter. They savor their daily lives, bathed in a sense of frivolity and lightness that gives rhythm to their days. The fragrance of a sun-soaked garden, the sun beating down, an aroma of citris, here life is idyllic and perfect for artistic expression. The leathers are treated, the heels worked and the shoes erected as fashion icons. In this world of intoxicating dreams, Fericelli was born.
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FERICELLI, luxury heels and ankle boots

Affordable luxury

For Fericelli, quality and luxury expertise should be affordable for everyone. That's why the brand chose to market their creations at prices between 100 and 200 pounds. On the agenda, des heels, sandals, derby shoes, boots and ankle boots, available in modern colours and made of quality materials.

The Fericelli style

Materials chosen with care, quality leather tanning, impeccable finishing and a comfortable fit, those are the key words for Fericelli. The brand is constantly looking for contemporary design and therefore always has collections inspired by the classics, revisited and modernised. The result is women's shoes, which are trendy and perfect for an urban lifestyle.

Will you be seduced by Fericelli?

If you like the trendy, affordable collections of Fericelli, you'll also like the styles of the brands like Bocage or Vagabond, who also work with modern styles of sandals, chelsea boots and derby shoes, making them super stylish must-have item!

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