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 Which skirt to choose according to your morphology?

Worn in winter as well as in summer, depending on their material and the way they are combined with other clothes, skirts are, like dresses, key pieces in a woman's wardrobe. But when it comes to buying a skirt, how do you choose the right model and colour for your size and shape? Whether it's a wrap, pleated, midi or mini, simple or floral, Spartoo will guide you in your purchase to choose the right colours, the right sizes and the most flattering cuts for your body type .

  • Which skirt for O-shaped women?
    If you have a curvy body shape, with a narrow waist and hips the same width as your shoulders, lengthen your figure with a high-waisted model. In denim, leather or imitation, it can be a trapeze or straight cut. Avoid buying a pleated skirt, which may add a sense of volume, as well as midi length and bright colours.
  • Which skirt is right for a V-shaped body?
    If your hips are narrower than your shoulders, voluminous skirts are to be sought. Choose a wrap style, a pleated skirt and colourful pieces inspired by ruffled dresses. The low cut is perfect for a woman with a flat stomach. If you want to hide a small, bulging belly, opt for mid-rise and black for colour.
  • Which skirt for H-shaped women?
    If you are a woman with a straight figure and a small waist, choose skirts with stylish cuts: mini sizes in denim or imitation leather, or long, slit cuts in flowing fabrics or a pleated material. Avoid high waistlines, the rigidity of the wrap-around style and belted skirts. Play with colour.
  • Which skirt for A-shaped women?
    Women with small shoulders and more pronounced hips should opt for voluminous clothing in colour for the upper body, and simple midi-length skirts, with a wrap-around or slightly flared cut, in discreet colours such as black or denim blue. Dresses should also be chosen with more substance on the upper part.
  • Which skirt for X or 8 shapes?
    Women with an X shape and women with an 8 shape have a marked waistline in common: all skirts fit them, especially high waists. In terms of cut and material, dare to buy tight skirts in black leather or imitation, denim mini-skirts, skirts with belted waists, and midi-length skirts if your calves are thin. When it comes to colours, anything goes.
  • Which skirt should I choose if I have a belly?
    Not all women's clothing is comfortable when you have a bulging belly. However, you don't have to wear only dresses! High-waisted skirts have an advantageous shaping effect. Choose light or dark coloured skirts, straight or trapeze, midi or mini length, just make sure you wear your clothes out and not tucked in. Avoid thick materials such as denim, draping and bright colours around the waist and shiny materials such as silk or satin, even in black. A wrap skirt can flatten an unsightly tummy.

 How do I wash a leatherette skirt?

To wash faux leather skirts and dresses without damaging them, do not rub too hard and do not use abrasive materials. Instead, use gentle cleaning products such as soapy water, applied to the leatherette with a well wrung-out sponge. Stubborn stains on faux leather dresses and skirts can also be removed with liniment or a dab of Vaseline. The material and colour of your leatherette clothing will remain intact.

 What are the different types of skirts?

To wash faux leather skirts and dresses without damaging them, do not rub too hard and do not use abrasive materials. Instead, use gentle cleaning products such as soapy water, applied to the leatherette with a well wrung-out sponge. Stubborn stains on faux leather dresses and skirts can also be removed with liniment or a dab of Vaseline. The material and colour of your leatherette clothing will remain intact.

What are the different types of skirts?

Like all types of clothing, there is a wide variety of skirts. Colour, cut or model, it is not always easy to know the different skirts that exist on the market. Spartoo has the information you need.
  • What is a midi skirt?
    The midi length refers to skirts or dresses that reach below the knee: an intermediate length between that of long skirts and short skirts. Inspired by the fifties, it is slightly flared and fluid and exists in a wrap version. It is the successor to the pencil skirt, the leading model for women in the 1940s, and is available in high waist or low waist models.
  • What is a pleated skirt?
    The pleated skirt is a preppy style pleated skirt that comes in different cuts: mini pleated and flared in the skater style, short pleated or midi in the schoolgirl style, long pleated in the preppy style.
  • What is a culotte skirt?
    It is the crossing of two garments: the skirt and the pantacourt. Culottes come in the form of women's trousers or shorts that are so loose that they look like skirts, especially when worn with a skirt
  • What is the pencil skirt?
    Often in black and imitation leather today, it is one of the cult garments for women of the 1940s. It is midi length, narrow at the knee and worn high-waisted. Women of all shapes and sizes can buy a pencil skirt, as long as they choose the right length and cut: above-the-knee models for a short woman, and lower waists for a long woman.

How to style your skirt ?

Is it hard to know which jumper or shoes to wear with your skirt? Spartoo advises you on how to wear your skirt without any fashion faux pas.

  • How to wear a leopard skirt?
    When you buy a leopard skirt, are you wondering what clothes to match it with without being vulgar? Keep it simple at the top, with a simple white or black top for an elegant style; or opt for a rock and roll style with a printed t-shirt. Choose the wrap skirt in a short version, in jeans for a mini or midi waist, or fluid for a long cut.
  • How to wear a long skirt?
    The long skirt can be worn pleated or flowing if you don't like tightness, pencil if you have a long figure, midi length if you want a compromise, in jeans, or in bright colours and prints for a bohemian look.
  • How to match a camel skirt?
    In suede, denim or faux leather, camel lends itself to wrap, straight or trapeze skirts. Choose a white or black top to set it off, or a blouse in several colours with a liberty print for a chic bohemian style.
  • How to match a navy blue skirt?
    A sober and elegant colour, navy blue can create a look that is too strict if it is married to white, red, black or other blues. Go for pastel colours, a beige trench coat, a denim shirt or floral prints. Avoid strict cuts such as the wallet.

 How to choose your shoes according to your skirt?

  • Which shoe to wear with a mini skirt?
    After buying clothes, it's time to choose shoes. With mini-skirts as with very short dresses, whatever their colour, avoid stiletto heels to reduce the model's sexiness. Choose boots or ankle boots, or even sneakers for a casual look, especially with a denim or wrap-around style.

  • Which shoe to wear with a pleated skirt?
    Break up the vintage look of pleated skirts and dresses with white trainers: a style that suits both the midi cut and the skater version. With a very long pleated skirt, you can opt for a black or coloured Salome-style pump.

  • What shoes should I wear with a midi skirt?
    Mid-length garments, such as dresses and midi skirts, can constrict a short woman. So avoid ankle boots and keep your ankles free by adding wedges, coloured pumps, trendy sneakers or summer sandals to your wishlist.

 Where to buy used skirts?

Buy your skirts up to 80% cheaper on Spartoo Newlife. Spartoo, in addition to offering you new items, allows you to hunt for second-hand products. Both more economical and more ecological, second hand is also the only way to find vintage items that are no longer produced.

To buy your skirt or any other second-hand item, nothing could be easier:

  • Go to the product's Spartoo page)
  • Check the "Second hand" filter (at the bottom of the filters)

 Where to sell your skirts?

You don't wear your skirts anymore? You can sell them on Spartoo Newlife.

  • Go to your Spartoo customer account or create one
  • Then go to the "my seller account" section

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