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K-WAY Clothing on Spartoo UK

K-way, the irreplaceable jacket !

More than just a fashion icon, the brand K-way evokes certain memories for everoyone. Everyone had one in their wardrobe in the 80s and 90s, especially this famous Mac. It's the famous jacket that folds up into the shape of a banana to wear around the waist. Even if this jacket has gone out of style, the rain jacket made a huge comeback in 2010 and has been going strong ever since.

The real Claude 2.0

A success story from the brand is that of the nylon windbreaker called Claude. it all started in 1965, when Claude Duhamel decided to create an item of practical, protective clothing that was waterproof. The jacket is a unisex model, that was created for both men and women. Today, a modernized version of the essential jacket is back, and is a much-needed addition to your wardrobe.

How do you wear a K-Way jacket ?

With Wellington boots of course! Even moreso when it's raining hard and we have no choice but to go out to work or for an appointment. They are just as essential as a pair of walking boots, the famous windbreaker will slide into the bottom of your rucksack for when you need it. You can add a polar fleece for even more warmth.

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