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 What's the story behind the Havaianas brand?

Havaianas, a Brazilian brand established in 1962, is renowned for its iconic rubber soles and vibrant designs. Drawing inspiration from Zori, the traditional Japanese sandals, Havaianas quickly became a sensation: by 1964, nearly every Brazilian worker owned a pair.

A significant breakthrough occurred in 1966 with the invention of the first rubber flip-flop. Initially, Havaianas were only offered in blue and white, but a manufacturing mishap in 1969 led to the production of green Havaianas, introducing a fresh colour to the range.

After being officially acknowledged as a fundamental part of Brazilian culture in 1980, Havaianas unveiled single-colour models and launched its inaugural printed model in the 1990s. In 1998, Havaianas Brasil, featuring a petite Brazilian flag on the strap, were introduced.

In 1999, Havaianas stepped into the fashion world at Jean Paul Gaultier's runway show. Since the turn of the millennium, the brand has persistently innovated, releasing new models and exclusive collections embellished with details like crystals and embroidery.

 Why opt for Havaianas footwear?

Havaianas flip-flops are the epitome of comfort, style, and durability. Hailing from Brazil, they are celebrated for their robust, anti-slip rubber sole, which guarantees excellent traction, even on damp surfaces.

Their fashionable, vibrant design is a genuine tribute to the cheerful, festive spirit of Brazil. Whether you're at the seaside or in the city, donning Havaianas signifies relaxation and style.

Selecting Havaianas equates to choosing top-quality flip-flops that provide unparalleled comfort. They're the ideal choice for those in search of a resilient, comfy, and stylish pair of flip-flops. With Havaianas, you're certain to make a sound choice for both your feet and your fashion sense!

 What are the key models of Havaianas footwear?

Havaianas is celebrated for its signature flip-flops, blending comfort with style. The brand's standout models encompass the Slim, Top, and Luna.

The Slim model is an ideal choice for those seeking elegance and simplicity. Featuring a slender strap, this model comes in a spectrum of colours, providing a plethora of choices to cater to all preferences.

The Top model is the brand's quintessential design. Its rubber sole and broad strap make it a prime choice for both beach and urban settings.

Lastly, the Luna model distinguishes itself with its circular strap that securely cradles the foot. It imparts a dash of femininity and sophistication to any summer ensemble.

Whether you're in search of a pair of flip-flops for the beach, city life or a summer soiree, Havaianas models present a diverse selection for all occasions and styles.

 Styling Havaianas Footwear

As the quintessential symbol of summer, Havaianas are the perfect shoes for basking in the warm season with both style and comfort. Here are some suggestions for coordinating them with your ensembles:

  • Pair a breezy floral dress with vibrant Havaianas for a feminine, summery look.
  • Combine denim shorts, a white tee and black Havaianas for a laid-back outfit.
  • Team a swimsuit, beach cover-up and patterned Havaianas for a stylish seaside day out.

 How to Clean and Maintain Havaianas Footwear?

Havaianas flip-flops are celebrated for their blend of comfort and style. To keep them looking their best and lasting longer, regular upkeep is crucial. Here's an effective cleaning method:

  • Make a mixture of warm water and gentle soap.
  • Submerge the flip-flops in this mixture and lightly scrub with an old toothbrush.
  • Rinse them thoroughly with fresh water to get rid of any soap remnants.
  • Allow them to air dry, away from direct sunlight to avoid any fading.

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