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 What's the story behind the Dr Martens brand?

Dr. Martens, a British company with German roots, was established in 1960 by Klaus Märtens, a German army doctor, and his engineer friend, Herbert Funck. The first shoe with an air-cushioned sole was designed to aid Klaus Märtens' mobility during his recovery from a ski injury. This pioneering hot-welding technique created a cavity within the sole, leading to the development of the first air cushion for a shoe.

Initially, the shoes were sold in the German market, primarily to individuals in their sixties suffering from foot issues. However, in 1959, British shoemaker Bill Griggs acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture these shoes and decided to Anglicise the name, thus becoming "Dr. Martens". The first pair of Dr. Martens, the iconic cherry-red eight-hole boot with an air-cushioned sole, was produced in the Wollaston factory, near Northampton, on 1st April 1960.

Embraced by the protest movements of the punk counter-culture and skinheads in the 1970s and 1980s, Dr. Martens is now a global brand. In 2000, to mark its fortieth anniversary, Dr. Martens collaborated with esteemed designers to craft unique pieces. Today, most of the production is outsourced to Asia, and the company went public in January 2021 with a valuation of £3.7 billion.

 Why opt for Dr Martens footwear?

Dr Martens footwear has emerged as a genuine emblem of individuality and self-expression. These sturdy shoes, renowned for their extraordinary longevity, are crafted to endure.

Their unique design featuring a chunky sole and robust construction provides unparalleled comfort, making these shoes ideal for daily wear. Moreover, they are engineered to weather the trials of life, assuring a durable investment.

The Dr Martens brand presents a broad spectrum of styles, from traditional boots to sandals and low-cut shoes, each carrying the brand's hallmark: an oil and grease-resistant air-cushioned sole, yellow stitching, and a heel loop.

Donning Dr Martens footwear signifies choosing a shoe that not only radiates a unique style, but also delivers unmatched quality and durability. Whether you identify with punk, rock, grunge or are simply a fashion enthusiast, Dr Martens footwear is the ideal choice to articulate your individuality.

 What are the key Dr Martens footwear models?

The standout models from Dr Martens are unquestionably the 1460, 2976, 1461 and Jadon.

The 1460, often dubbed "the original Doc", is an 8-eyelet boot renowned for its durability and comfort. It has evolved into a symbol of rebellion and individuality.

The 2976 model is a Chelsea boot adaptation of the 1460, characterised by its minimalist style and easy slip-on design due to the broad elasticated panels on each side.

The 1461 is a low-cut 3-eyelet shoe that has endured through the ages with its timeless design. It is valued for its adaptability, pairing well with both jeans and dresses.

Lastly, the Jadon is a platform version of the 1460, injecting a daring twist to the classic silhouette. With its chunky sole and robust build, it's perfect for making a fashion statement.

 Styling Dr Martens Shoes

Dr Martens shoes are a daring choice for those who wish to express their distinctive, rebellious style. They can be paired with a range of outfits to craft a striking look.

  • Black Dr Martens ankle boots pair seamlessly with black skinny jeans and a white T-shirt for a timeless rock aesthetic.
  • Combine glossy Dr Martens with a floral dress for an unexpected juxtaposition of delicacy and audacity.
  • For a laid-back style, sport low-cut Dr Martens with denim shorts and a relaxed top.
  • In the colder months, team fur-lined Dr Martens with a lengthy coat and scarf to stay cosy yet fashionable.

 How to Clean and Maintain Dr. Martens Shoes?

Dr Martens shoes are famed for their robustness, yet with the right care, their lifespan and aesthetic appeal can be further enhanced. Here are some straightforward methods to care for your Dr Martens:

  • Wipe your shoes with a damp cloth to eliminate dirt.
  • Use a cleaning product that is appropriate for the leather type of your Dr Martens.
  • Employ a shoe brush to gently work the cleaning product into the shoe.
  • Remove any surplus product with a dry cloth.
  • Allow the shoes to air dry naturally, keeping them away from direct heat.

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