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MEINDL, hiking shoes for the entire family

Family expertise

Coming out of Bavaria since the 17th Century, the Meindl company naturally presents itself as an outdoor shoe specialist : a little walk or a big hike, they make boots and walking shoes for each type of activity and for the whole family. Meindl shoes are high quality, mainly thanks to their rigorous selection of materials used in the design.

Climbers, hikers and walkers

Whether you are a climber, hiker or occasional walker, if you go it alone or with friends or with kids, in the Alpes, in the Amazon rainforest or the Australian bush, there will be a Meindl shoe made for your feet and your needs. Leather, Gore-Tex, waterproof, lug soles... the brand has developed a repertoire of performance to make your activity that much more enjoyable.

Meindl, for men, women and children

Because nature is a playground for the whole family, Meindl has made their performance shoes available for all ages : kids walking shoes, trainers and mid boots for men and women...Each model is adapted to different foot morphologies for a safe, comfortable hike. And once you get back home, why not slip on a pair of Crocs, also perfect for foot comfort and also for the whole family!



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