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A Rendezvous... A date, a time and a place fixed in advance to meet and learn about others...

It's also a meeting with oneself, one's ideals, one's conscience. Life does not have to be frivolous; it can suddenly take on a deeper meaning once you are aware of its value and of the impact it can have on those around you.

Through their benevolent capsule collections, Betty London invites you to discover their values and commitments, which are supported by ethical brands associated with the brand.

Whether Betty London is fighting for animal rights, contributing to research or working to improve the lives of the disabled, Betty London aims to exist and develop as an altruistic and environmentally friendly brand.

Fashion is not enough anymore, which is why we're searching... for a just and honest conscience.

Meet and discover...

Betty London and Minuit sur Terre are collaborating this holiday season to release a beautiful and feminine capsule collection. What sets it apart from others? It's vegan and proud. A pair of pink ballet flats and two belts will certainly make you stand out from the crowd, AND it's environmentally friendly.

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Why this capsule collection? Because Betty London has found its soul sister in the brand 'Minuit sur Terre'. It's a clever brand which understands that fashion and Veganism blend well together. If you look beyond its hippie vibes, the brand is positively trendy! Its aim is to seduce fashion conscious city girls who want to change their consumer habits without making any compromise on style. So far, we're loving the results!

Betty and Minuit have worked hard together to create this feminine, enchanting, sparkly and chic collection. Don't forget, the name 'Minuit sur Terre' (Midnight on Earth) is inspired by the fairytale Cinderella and the moral of the story: everything's possible with a new pair of shoes!


Betty London has met up with Marli to produce a new collection comprising 4 limited edition bags. Each item is unique and is made from top quality fabric which was recycled in France by people with disabilities. Clearly, the collection is not only aesthetically pleasing but also manufactured in a socially responsible and environmentally conscious manner. A healthy mind makes for a healthy body.


As The saying goes: 'beauty without goodness is worth nothing.'. We all know someone in our social circle whose kindness is only equalled by their beauty. If we had to name one brand which perfectly espouses this expression, it would be Marli.

If Betty London chooses to join forces with Marli, it is to adhere to some rightful causes. Firstly, these beautiful bags were manufactured by the skillful hands of disabled persons, thereby providing them with employment. The second, but no less important, cause revolves around recycling; the fabric used to make the bags comes from disused and forgotten stock, yet is of an unbelievably high quality. Thanks to Betty London's and Marli's collaboration have allowed these beautiful bags, made by remarkable people, to be put in the spotlight.


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