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Dr Martens
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Dr Martens, the story of an icon
At the beginning, a surprising alliance: that of Doctor Klaus Maertens, with his garage of innovations, and that of the Griggs family, an industrial family from Northampton. Together, they created a shoe that was comfortable, practical, durable, and with a classic design, made on the first air-cushioned sole. These work shoes, named the 1460 as a reminder of the date the shoes were first manufactured, the 1st of April, 1960, became a real revolution. Without any effort, the brand Dr.Martens watched in awe as their products became a hit in the Anglo-Saxon subculture. Year after year, Dr.Martens would become a rallying cry, a method of expression and soon became iconic in numerous music scenes. Fashion, always fascinated by authenticity, also adopted the phenomenon. Now, more than 50 years later, the brand has never been more vibrant and modern. So timeless, they are like a canvas that different generations can paint on.

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Shoes Dr Martens 8418 UNION JACK

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Shoes Women Mid boots Dr Martens 8418 UNION JACK Black

Dr Martens
8418 Union Jack

£ 140.00      £ 98.00
Available sizes
Shoes Women Mid boots Dr Martens 8418 UNION JACK Black
Dr Martens

8418 Union Jack

£ 140.00      £ 98.00


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